Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Stay alert.

Look around.

Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up (not distracted or checking your phone).

Walk around like you’re packing heat, even if you aren’t.

You are much less likely to be a victim with small, important changes… while you’re out and about or running errands.

Thugs look for easy targets.

Don’t be an easy target.

Make the thugs think you will be WAY too much trouble. 💪


Don’t Let Your Mind Turn Small Concerns Into Ferocious Monsters

When your mind gets away from you, and you worry about the unknown… or you unnecessarily turn small things into big things, you are in a state of powerlessness.

Feeling powerless and fearful is not fun! But you are strong, you don’t have to stay in that fear.

-Maybe it’s time to detach a little. Step away, and do something enjoyable. Turn your focus to a fun activity.

-Get physical. Work out, go for a run, yard work or housework, or any project that makes you move and sweat.

-My favorite is to gather facts, so you know what you’re up against. Knowledge is power. Being clear on what the problem is, then making plans on how to fix it, how to get through it, or how to live with it. Have a game plan… or two. 💪

-For some, it might be meditation and relaxation to calm the mind.

Maybe it’s all four! 😊

Reclaim your confidence. You are in charge of your life. You can handle anything that comes your way. Monsters don’t stand a chance!