Make A Decision

A pro/con list is a good place to start. Often, this will cause you to get to the heart of the issue.

Make the decision based on YOUR morals and values.

Sometimes the right decision is to stay exactly where you are in life but to make little changes, so you’re happy about it.

Staying stuck is a miserable place to be. Making a decision, lessens the stress and helps you move forward with excitement.


Don’t Cross “That” Line

If you cross that line, you can’t uncross it.

If you cross that line, sadly, it will be easier to cross the next line.

One bad decision can cause more bad decisions to cover the first bad decision.


Don’t cross that line in the first place.

If you’ve already crossed it, don’t beat yourself up… but do EVERYTHING you can to fix it.

And don’t get close to that line again.