Move That Awesome Body!

Find a way to move that wonderful body today.

The stressed… the aging… the tired… the injured… the lonely… the overweight… the underweight… the scarred… the restricted… the sad… the fearful… the achy… the idle…

Do something fun and let your body move!

Let the blood flow… Raise those endorphins!

Doesn’t have to be big.

Put on some music and dance or clean up the house or bounce a little in your chair or even just tap your foot or hand.

Maybe a brisk walk around the block

Or hold your stomach muscles or butt muscles tight during commercials or while working. πŸ˜‹

Do something to feel your awesome body work for you! πŸ’ͺ


#Love Yourself Enough To Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes we’re pulled in different directions.

Sometime people are coming at us with their various needs.

Sometimes we need to come back to the center.

Focus on our values.

Our needs.

Our desires.

Our truth.

Sometimes we need to have a talk with ourselves and be honest with ourselves.