Stay Busy

Busy people are happy people.

When we have goals and work hard on our goals, we have purpose and reason everyday… which leads to happiness.

Some great goals:

Be a great parent (or friend, sibling, son, wife…)

Lose 10 pounds

Keep a clean and organized home

Get out and travel, do some sightseeing

Volunteer work, even if it’s just helping a neighbor

Find goals to help you stay happy.


Finish What You Start

It’s so easy to say, “I’ll finish that later.”

And then “later” gets pushed back…

It’s added to the To-Do list.

Days pass.

Yikes! 🙃

Instead, make a commitment to yourself that you will finish the project once you start, it will be your priority until it is complete, and you will reward yourself for a job well done.


Make A Decision

A pro/con list is a good place to start. Often, this will cause you to get to the heart of the issue.

Make the decision based on YOUR morals and values.

Sometimes the right decision is to stay exactly where you are in life but to make little changes, so you’re happy about it.

Staying stuck is a miserable place to be. Making a decision, lessens the stress and helps you move forward with excitement.