You Are Not A #Victim If You Have #Choices. So…

Reach out for help.

Accept help.

But don’t depend on others indefinitely.

If you can make changes without help, then do it.

You are in charge of YOUR life.

You are strong.

You are capable.

You might fall down, but get back up.

Keep getting back up.

Keep getting back up.

YOU can change your life.

Make it exactly the way you want it.

It takes a lot of HARD work.

But you will get there.

And you will look back and be thankful for the HARD work.

You will love the hard work.

You will LOVE the hard work.

Your life is yours.

You’re in control.

You decide.

You and you alone map out your life.

Don’t blame anybody else… this makes you weak.

Blame = weakness.

Taking responsibility = strength.

You are better and stronger than you realize.


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