Colorado Sniper and Crazy Weather… Stay Safe!

Loveland Co Shootings

Click here to Watch CNN News Report

Today’s Challenge: Stay safe, but don’t let scary things keep you from living your life.

Yesterday, I learned of another random shooting in my area. Then last night, there was a tornado close by, and there is more severe weather moving in tonight.

… makes me want to stay home until this craziness passes… And my best friend, who lives in another state, is begging me not to leave the house until they catch the sniper. I told her that I had too much to do, but assured her I’d check in daily.

Even though I’m not going to stop living my life, this serial shooter is on my mind while I’m running errands and walking my dog.

I cry for the victims and I’m angry that somebody is killing people and terrorizing our community. Thankfully the FBI has joined the team and hopefully they will catch this person before he/she can hurt anybody else.


If your weather is good and you don’t have a crazy person running around your neighborhood, consider yourself fortunate and have a great weekend. 🙂

I’m going to have a great weekend, too! 🙂


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