Look Through Old Pictures and #Memories


Today’s Challenge: Look through your old pictures and memories.

I recently went through hard times with somebody I love. I was also in the process of spring cleaning and organizing.

When I came across boxes of old pictures and memories, I slowed down enough to reminisce.

I cried. I laughed. I took pictures of pictures and text them to my sisters. ( I like that rhyme ūüôā )

I separated my memories into three separate boxes: family, friends, and my own personal accomplishments.

It was good for me. I was reminded of my accomplishments, good friends, and loving family. I thought about past loves, family and friends in heaven, and lost dreams.

Going through my past felt like a type of meditation; I blocked out everything but the treasured memories I held on to.

And I learned that no matter what problems I go through with people I love, I will never forget the good times we shared or the positive impact they had on my life.

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