Write Down 3 #Goals You Want to #Achieve

to do list

Today’s Challenge: Write down 3 goals you want to achieve today. And maybe do this everyday. 🙂

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the things I need to get done. When I make a long list or worse, when I don’t write down any of my need-to-do tasks, I can feel hopeless and typically I’ll just say, “screw it all” and I’ll watch TV or read a book or talk on the phone or google stuff or do any other distraction I can come up with just to avoid my overwhelming list. Yikes!

So, I’ve started this ‘3 Goals a Day’ thing and I’m loving it! Instead of making another list on paper, I’m using a white eraser board, and I put it where I can see it often. I just pick 3 things I need to get done. I make sure they are doable, and I make sure to start with the most important tasks first.

So far so good!

Let me know your tricks to getting things done. 🙂

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