#Listen to Your #Body…


Today’s Challenge: Listen to your body.

I know I’m going through something serious when my body tells me… When I have DEEP feelings of fear, confusion, and rejection, my body reacts. My stomach does flips and refuses all food. When I can’t eat, I start to drop weight. Sleeping through the night is impossible because my mind won’t, can’t relax. I get headaches and sometimes have tightness in my chest–my heart might even decide to beat at a faster pace than needed.

Clearly, when this happens, I’m in a state of fight or flight. In other words, I need to either fight for my rights, needs, life… or I need to run like crazy and get the He** away from the problem.

The decision causes more havoc on me and my body. What should I do? Should I stay and fight or should I run? That fear of the unknown sets in… Scary!

But what is even scarier, is to do nothing. To let your body stay in that fight or flight mode for weeks, months, years…

… causing illness, depression, addiction, rage…

Sometimes our body is screaming at us to be brave and stand up to our fears… but usually our body is simply saying, “Please listen to me.”

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