Don’t Let #Depression or #Sadness Keep You Down


Today’s Challenge: Don’t let depression or sadness keep you down.

Acknowledge you’re not feeling like yourself. Tell yourself it’s OK, you’ll get through it. Do something different… force yourself to be around people–even if you simply go to a coffee shop and hang out with strangers, get up and move around, do some meditation and deep thinking about your life and future, set a couple small goals that stir excitement–even if the excitement only lasts a minute, it’s a start–turn off the TV and listen to music instead, start a journal, think about what you enjoyed doing when you were a kid, EXERCISE: go for a walk, clean your house, dance in your living room, try yoga or kickboxing… if you can’t find a way out of the darkness, reach out for help.

You deserve happiness.


My world has been crazy sad lately because of my sweet Pug’s health issues. This morning we are going back to the vet to have another tumor removed and to check on a couple other areas of concern. The unknown is the hardest part. I’m usually pretty easy-going and take life as if comes, but watching my Shorty go through cancer has pushed me into an entirely different realm of feelings. I’m not myself.

Many fellow bloggers have told me to stay strong and happy for Shorty’s sake, and that’s exactly what I need to do. Today is a new day, and I’m going to take my own (above) advice and get my life back on track… for Shorty… and for me! 🙂

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