Realize that Sometimes it’s Just Not a Good Idea…


Today’s Challenge: Realize that sometimes it’s just not a good idea to talk.





Monday I had a full day of stressful work, and I didn’t even get to the halfway mark when my man came home. He came in all chipper and said, “I gave you the whole day to work. You must be all caught up now. You have to feel great!” Of course that’s not how I was feeling at all. I was disappointed in myself for not achieving my goal, I was fighting a headache, and I was stressed. He asked me about my day and as I started to tell him, I could feel my tension building. I was becoming angry for no real reason, and I felt like I was angry at him. But then suddenly my gut told me to stop talking. “… Honey, I really don’t want to talk about work tonight.” And he said, “I don’t either.” We quickly merged into talking about other things, holding hands, and enjoying the rest of the night. It’s funny how I could have been a big crab-ass that night, but by me just listening to my gut, and deciding not to share my day, I had a wonderful night with my man. 🙂

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