Don’t Drink and Drive, and…


Today’s Challenge: Don’t drink and drive, and discourage others from drinking and driving.





Years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I made the mistake of drinking and driving. I had been at a party with friends when I realized I had forgotten something at home. I was about a mile from my apartment so I made the dumb mistake of getting in my car after drinking a couple of beers. Feeling invincible, I raced home. It wasn’t until I was in my apartment parking lot that I realized a cop was parked behind me with his red and blue lights flashing. Then my life flashed in front of me–I thought I had just ruined my life. I was scared. Not so cocky anymore. I admitted to the cop that I had been drinking, and so I had to do the sobriety and breath test. I’m pretty sure I passed both, but I assured him I’d never drink and drive again and I would stay home the rest of the night–I wouldn’t go back to the party. He never did tell me if I passed or failed, but he did lecture me the way a father might. That night I stayed home feeling blessed for the important lesson, and I vowed that I would never again drink and drive. All these years later, I have kept that promise. 🙂

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