Weight Gain and My Yearly Physical

my weighin 10-13-14

I have a physical every year, and for the last four years my doctor has told me, “You’ve gained another pound. I want you to stop doing that.” Because I’m getting older, she would like me to maintain my weight. She said that as I age, the weight will be harder to get off, so it’s best to not gain anymore.

A couple of months before my physical this year, I knew I had gain a few pounds–All my clothes were tighter. What can I say, I had become a little less active and spent most of my time in front of my computer writing (I almost typed eating! LOL), so I hired a personal trainer. I figured I’d shape up before my appointment, so I could avoid the lecture about gaining another pound.

I loved working out with a strict trainer, I felt great, and I even started looking a little better.

In my doctor’s office, at weigh in, I wasn’t too nervous. I had taken my healthy lifestyle to the next level, and even if I had gained that extra yearly pound, I knew I’d lose it before long. So when she didn’t mention my weight… feeling confident, I bravely asked her. “How’s my weight this year? I know you don’t like me gaining that extra pound.”

“Well, let me take a look at your weight last year.” She checked the computer screen. “You’ve gained five pounds.”

“What?!” I started laughing. “Oh, dear! It’s happening.”

She asked, “Have you changed your diet? You still exercise, right?”

“My diet hasn’t changed, and yes I still exercise.” I answered, but I knew exactly what had happened. Too much time sitting at my computer over the last year.

And the truth is, I always watch what I eat, but sometimes I don’t feel like eating healthy. Sometimes I want to eat junk food or eat too much. I like having choices.

I love to workout but sometimes my workouts are a little hit and miss. Sometimes I don’t feel like working out, so I skip it once in a while. I love making these decisions.

I’m going to take off this five pounds over the next month or so for two reasons. I don’t want to buy new (bigger) pants–I like the clothes I have.

And, I want to stay healthy. 🙂


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